Welcome to Ladine® Home of the leading multi-ethnic professional hair care range …Where you can always count on straight answers for curly hair .

Ladine® was founded in 1987 to specialise in the treatment of Afro hair. Inspired by the knowledge gained from working with this distinctly beautiful, yet complex type of hair... Ladine® has since established itself as a leading manufacturer of professional hair care products for all types of curly hair.

So regardless of your ethnicity or how you wear your hair... you can now choose to be your own kind of beautiful. Ladine® , the truly multi-ethnic professional hair product range... that has the diversity to reflect the simplicity or complexity of your moods.... beautifully. Available in salons only.

While the major portion of its product range is suitable only for use by qualified hair stylists, Ladine® also provides a range of complementary retail products, which are available to its salon customers for resale to their clients.

Ladine® strives to establish the highest standards of Professional hair care wherever in the world its products are made available. This total commitment to excellence in our field is based on our innovative approach to using the latest research and technology in developing our product range. At the core of our approach is the recognition that Afro – type very curly hair is substantially more delicate than other types of curly hair or straight hair and requires the application of suitably formulated products by trained stylists. This attitude has made us a leader in the field of treating, managing and caring for all types of curly hair.

Accolades for Ladine from Marie Claire

The world famous beauty magazine Marie Claire has recognised the role played by Ladine in South Africa as well as the quality of the product that they produce. Please click on the link below to read the article.